Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Everyone has special interests. Here in the Bay Area in Northern California, you can find a group for every cause imaginable. When you support something you believe in with you valuable time, it’s more than gratifying.

There are children’s programs, senior projects, educational programs and even groups that do nothing more than sing or bring pets into senior centers.

Find something that appeals to you and you’ll find a whole new group of people that are potential clients. Participate as often as they have events, put yourself in the center of the action to gain the highest visibility.

You can become the spokesperson for the association and gain media exposure for yourself and your company. You can reach out for corporate sponsors and make a soft approach for new clients while you are building the relationship for the association.

Introduce others to the association or organization to involve potential Power Partners and keep them closer to you so you will gain a more personal relationship.

At the very least, having your name on the board of directors of any organization, non profit or association will bring you many untold rewards.