Keep Your Ear to the Ground

You’ll never find out that much about companies that are moving, expanding or individuals who are being promoted in your local newspaper. Whereas, community organizations offer a great way to uncover such information as well what new businesses moving into local areas.

I participate with a community council whose purpose is to investigate and implement economic development processes. They have a task force that explores the country looking for businesses that would benefit from expanding into our community. Every time I attend these functions there are eight people who share my table who are decision makers like CEO’s and Vice Presidents. This is a priceless opportunity to meet in person with people who can make a decision to do business with you. And the likelihood of getting in to see them in their office without meeting them in person is not too high.

Sitting at the same table with these people over lunch is much akin to having a personal introduction into their company. When you get an opportunity like this always be conscious of the group’s protocol. Certainly you may pass your business cards around and ask for the option to call at a later time.