In a neighboring community, the city business office requires all massage therapists to have a physical exam each year to prove they are healthy enough to conduct their businesses. This ludicrous licensing requirement will not change until enough of the massage therapists stand up to the city council. They must insist on being treated with the same level of respect as any other professional who has to touch their clients physically.

Chiropractors, doctors, cosmetologists or anyone else who touch their patients/clients are not required to prove they’re in good health as a prerequisite to receiving a business license. Being singled out for a health certification is demeaning to massage therapists. Before this practice changes, the massage therapist will have to make the effort to change the practice of the licensing.

If the massage therapists had become more involved in the business community, I don’t believe that this would still be a requirement. When you don’t agree with what is going on in your community, you need to take a stand and get involved. Encourage others to become involved in civic organizations and take control over what takes place.