Soaring Above the Sea of Competition

What makes you different than everyone else who is your competition? Why would someone want to do business with you rather than the next person offering the same services?

This is a time when everyone you talk to believes that there is very little or no business to be had . . .  that can’t be further from the truth.

We might have to work a little harder for the business, but there truly is just as much money out there as there has ever been.

Entrepreneurs strive to stand out in the sea of competition. We are able to do this by looking at all the areas that we can help others:

• Share information with each other when we hear about companies that are potential prospects.

• Show up on time and consistently at all functions.

• Create Power Partner relationships.

• Promise less and deliver more than is expected.

• Leave every place and every relationship better than when we arrived.

So, now that we acknowledge we work within a framework of integrity, how do we get our prospects attention, when they are ready to do business and have the funds to work with us?

One of the most innovative methods I’ve seen in a long time is the electronic newsletter. Hands down, if your prospects don’t stop to look at your message when it comes to them in a flash through their email, then they probably aren’t prospects after all.

A few of the fundamental characteristics of a good newsletter are:

• They are an information tool, not a selling device.
• Newsletters should be designed to gain attention for you.
• They are best received when they offer helpful tips.

Now combine these concepts with an electronic version that has music video and new techniques and you will soar above your competition!

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