Long Term Goals

Long Term

Long-term goals are beneficial for looking at where you would like your business to be a year from now. Would you like to have an assistant? Would you like to move into an office away from your home? Can you imagine yourself with an associate like many CPA’s and attorneys have?

Once you’ve set your long-term goals, every week establish the course of action you will take to ensure that in a year you have accomplished what you need to do to ensure your success. What are the benefits to you? When will you accomplish this goal? What is the main obstacle? Who can help you reach the goal? What skills or education are required? What is your plan of action?

Finally, be flexible. One of the people I’ve always admired is Lee Iacocca. When he took the reins of Chrysler Corporation, it was doomed to fail. Yet, he turned it into a very successful venture. One of Mr. Iacocca’s habits was to spend every Monday morning planning what would take place three years from that very date. He changed his goals often, but amazingly, when each 3-year date arrived, he was better equipped to meet his new goals due to his prior planning.

Learn from people around you and from those who have made a successful career for themselves. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel.