Show Time

Show Time

Trade shows are wonderful opportunities to show off your business and gain rapid visibility in your business community. Most chambers hold at least one trade show a year where you can exhibit for an investment of between $50 and $500. If yours doesn’t, instigate one.

Before you exhibit at a trade show, you’ll want to attend one to see what impresses or depresses you. Notice that most professional exhibitors hand out materials that are always sharp and professionally produced. Others, who offer photocopies or sloppily produced materials, appear as if they had no advance notice.


Prior to the Show

As is true with all events, the impression you create at a trade show is vitally important to your success and your preparation will make all the difference as to whether or not you appear successful. Thus, before attending, ask questions. How many people are expected? When the trade show was held in the past, were there 100 or 1000 attendees? You don’t want to run out of material, but on the other hand, you don’t want 900 leftover flyers imprinted with a time sensitive offer.

Find a unique looking business card dispenser or holder for your booth. I use a brass one with beautiful filigree designs on the side and it stands vertically just like my card design. You can find a large variety of impressive holders in specialty gift shops.