Sticking to Your Goals

The main reason most people don’t establish or accomplish the goals is due to fear. Zig Ziglar says “false evidence appearing real” is the true definition of fear.

There are probably more than a hundred quotes relating to fear, but what I would like you to accept is that the only thing you should fear is your inability to take action. Once you are in a forward momentum stage, you can change your direction as many times as you choose. But don’t let the fear cripple you into doing nothing.

Don’t try to do it all on your own! Ask everyone you know for help, whether it’s for a business contact or a Power Partner. There are times that we’re too close to see the big picture. By talking about our needs and brainstorming with others, sometimes we find that the most obvious solutions are right in front of us, but we’re too close to see it. That’s why a mentor or a master mind groups can be helpful. In a master mind group when you commit to a goal, you have others who help support your desire to achieve the goal each step of the way.

Ask each new client and prospect for a referral and a testimonial. Ask questions and seriously listen to the answers. Take time each day to work on your goals. Never let a single week go by unless you have challenged yourself to make progress on fulfilling your grandest wishes.

Don’t let others talk you out of your goals, and don’t let them distract you from taking your next step. Learn how to set boundaries. Tell your friends and family your working hours and stick to them. Just because you’re in your home office at 2 o’clock, it doesn’t mean that you’re available for friends to stop by for coffee.