Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Zig Ziglar who is known for inspiring motivation, says that goals require seven steps:

•     Identify the goals;

•     Specify a deadline;

•     List the obstacles;

•     Identify the people or groups that will help you accomplish the goals;

•     Establish the skills and knowledge it will take;

•     Have a plan of action and

List the benefits you will realize when you’ve accomplished your goals.

Get started by making a list of what you want to accomplish, no matter how outlandish or silly the goals might seem. Next to the goal, list the reasons you want to accomplish it.

This will identify your driving force. Make a second list of all the obstacles you will probably face in trying to accomplish your goals. Be elaborate in trying to uncover all the reasons why you will be tempted to fall short of your goals.

Your next list will include every resource you can think of to help you reach your goals, such as classes, contacts, research material, businesses or anything else that you can imagine.

Short-term goals are daily and weekly goals. How many approach, interview, presentation and close calls or speaking engagements will you need to accomplish in a particular period of time to meet your larger goals?

What are the benefits of reaching your short-term goals? When will you accomplish them? What is the main obstacle? Who can help you reach the goals? What skills or education are required? What is your plan of action? What steps are you willing to take to ensure your success?