Challenge Log

I track my challenges just as diligently. I learn more from the challenges than nearly anything else I have ever done, if not more so. They are my learning lessons. When I handle them well and consciously, I rarely see the lesson reappear a second time.

It took me far too many years to recognize that my biggest challenges actually turn into my greatest triumphs. That is, as long as I keep aware of the challenge and don’t get caught up in my reaction to the challenge. Every challenge is different, but I believe it’s the resistance that makes it hard to bear.

However, if I don’t pay attention, the lesson is generally repeated on a grander scale time and time again, until I finally get it right.

Several years ago a consultant who lived in Marin promised several times she would attend an Elite Leads meeting. Each time she missed the meeting I would call her and she would explain that a client had called at the last minute, she had a proposal to write or something else would always come up at the last minute and interfere with her plans of attending one of the meetings.