Victory Log

It is vitally important to keep track of your successes. It is extremely valuable. If I were to ask you who your best client is, would you be able to tell me how you met? Do you know why they decided to do business with you rather than your competition? Do you know what their biggest challenges are?

Keeping this information available works well to boost your spirit for those times when the business becomes overwhelming. And, believe me, no matter how long you’ve been in business, you will have those times and will need to find reinforcement.

I track all my successes, speaking engagements, published articles and acknowledgments.

My favorite is the album where I have all the handwritten thank you notes. Most of them are from members of Elite Leads and others are from people I’ve met in passing at an event. Because they took the time to let me know they appreciate how I helped them, I have found that it has added to my conviction throughout the years. It has been a confirmation that what I do has value.