When All Else Fails

When nothing is working and you find yourself questioning why you ever decided to go into business (and believe me this does happen with 99% of all entrepreneurs  at one time or another) opt to do something that will make you appreciate your life-style. Take a day off during the middle of the week.

My good friend Warren and I enjoy going to a movie in the middle of the afternoon when there are no lines and no kids. Another friend and I take off on a Wednesday or Thursday and drive down the coast where it’s warmer. We look for a quaint place to have lunch and then take a long walk on the beach.

It is incredibly invigorating as well as a rejuvenating process. We return to our businesses refreshed and more energetic. And just as important, we’ve given ourselves permission to take a well-deserved break. When is the last time you took an unwarranted break?