Time Management

Time Management Worksheet:

Tasks during business hours:  Weekly Tasks Not in business hours:

Marketing                                        Fax Broadcasting                            Clip Calendars from News                 Master Mind Material

Return Phone calls                          Reminder calls                                 Check Meeting Location & Dates    Press Notices

Attend Meetings                               Prepare for meetings                       Update Calendars

Correspondence                                                                                       Revise Forms Lists/Disks

Here’s a sample  week: (Enlarge this or create your own!)

Monday                Tuesday                     Wednesday          Thursday              Friday


8am Reminder calls                Master Mind Group                  Leads Group                            Sales Presentation                    Marketing

9am Marketing                                                                                                                      Power Partner Meets                 Thank You’s

10am Send Email/Fax            Marketing                                 Marketing                                 Marketing A/R; Credit Referral

11am Search A’s & B’s                                                                                                                                                           Print Phone Pages

12pm Lunch Break

1pm Follow-upLeads             Meet Preparation                     Meet Preparation                                                                      Return Library

2pm Return Calls                   Return Calls                             Return Calls                             Return Calls                             Book Speaking                                                                                                                                                     Engagements

3pm Clean Junk Drawer                                                                                                                                                        Back-up Files

4pm                                                                                                                                                                                       Check Inventory

5pm Meet Preparation           Write Intros                              Invoicing                                  Attend Mixers                            Month End Reports


Monthly Tasks:                                                 Weekly:                        Daily:

Library Material             Write Articles                Leads Groups                   Marketing

Check Inventory: Newsletter                      Back up Files                   Return Calls

Business Cards               Set up Meetings              Lead Follow-up               Check Email

Brochures                      Write Meeting Intro      Power Partner

Stationary                     Chamber Directories      Clean Junk Drawer

Business Forms              Thank You’s                  Attend Mixers

Press Releases                Mentor Check In

Invoicing                       Month end Reports

Print Phone Pages         Quality Control

JAN          FEB         MAR        APR           MAY         JUN         JUL          AUG         SEP          OCT          NOV         DEC

A,B,          C,D          E,F           G,H           I,J              K,L           L,N            O,P           Q,R           S,T            U,V,W     X,Y,Z

One way to keep your database up to date is to use the above schedule to call everyone in January who’s last name starts with “A” and “B” and “C” and D’s” in February. Many times I have picked up new clients while doing this.


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