The Calendar

Mark off each task as it’s completed with a felt tip pen. Determine where to assign the various appointments and tasks. Stick to it as a firm commitment! Refer to the calendar every day. Evaluate your calendar every week to make sure you have each necessary task scheduled.

Return your phone calls or work on your accounts receivable calls between eleven and twelve and between four and five. You’ll find this is the best time to catch people in their offices.

If you are committed to meetings, leads groups, training and other functions, block out the times. As you can tell, you now have a full calendar. Try to have your demonstrations and contract presentations the first thing in the morning when you and your potential clients are going to be more mentally alert. Never schedule them right after lunch, because eating makes most people sleepy.

Make sure that you are back in your client’s office within the first few days after you have completed the sale. You’ll want to catch any errors or tweak the system to make it more efficient. It will also serve as the perfect time to ask for referrals.