The Platitude is Attitude

Motivating yourself to stay positive is difficult at times. The joys of owning your own business are occasionally dulled by circumstances way beyond your control. You can work for weeks to get a large client, then lose to the sister of the Vice President. You could be in the running for a long-term contract with a major corporation until they find out that you’re homebased and go with a larger firm.

Things like this will always happen. I know this will appear simplistic, but sometimes when you don’t get the client, it can be for the best.

Not all clients are worth having. Do yourself a favor and follow up on the ones you didn’t get. You might just find out that they worked the consultant 15 hours a day and that they bound the consultant to a dollar amount, so there wasn’t any extra money for the extra time. The corporation changed its mind five times, contending all the while that the changes met the standards of the clause in the agreement that said “to their satisfaction.”