Taking Breaks

Now, I routinely take a three-day weekend and get out of town every three or four months. I walk away from my office on Fridays and don’t return until Monday. I try to go in a different direction each time to keep the concept fresh and fun.

Entrepreneurs generally find it hard to turn off their businesses, but we must.

There are many perks in owning your own business and one of them is that only you are in control of your schedule. Take advantage of it. For a great break, simply follow your inclination to run and play, within moderation, of course! At least once a month you should schedule a special day to catch up with friends and family.

When the first days of springtime fill your senses with delightful scents, take a midweek break. Convince a friend to take a long drive in a convertible or have a picnic lunch in a remote field. Spend the day reading a fun book in the park, nibbling on luscious grapes and freshly baked sourdough bread. Even visiting a museum will lessen your stress level and help you keep your thinking sharp.

If you have children in school, plan a fun getaway day each month. Go to the water slides, the zoo, the amusement park, or a museum.

You’ll be amazed at your renewed enthusiasm when you return to the office the next day. Your mental cobwebs will be cleared away and you’ll have a bright new perspective. You’ll be ready to tackle anything!

Holidays offer wonderful opportunities for breaks throughout the year, when you are self-employed. A real perk in owning your business is to have the freedom to choose how you’ll use the holidays to create special family memories. You will find that you can prepare for extra time off and not feel guilty about being away from the office. I must confess, though, it’s hard not to check voice mail every day.