Break Time

Break Time

Over the years I have found that most of us have difficulty with motivation when we work alone for long periods of time. The effect is isolation. Mixing it up with other entrepreneurs can help you find creative ways to keep on going, but some times you just need to take a break. Do you ever experience any of the following?

•     You begin your days, feeling lethargic.

•     When the phone rings, you become irritated.

•     You’d rather cancel an appointment than go out the door.

•     You can’t find what you’re looking for!

If so, STOP! It’s time to take a real break and replenish your energy and enthusiasm.

I made the mistake of going two years without taking a real vacation. This means a real vacation, getting away somewhere that doesn’t involve any out-of-town family. My idea of a real vacation is taking walks on the beach, sipping Mai Tai’s, and reading something nontechnical — in general, giving my brain a rest! On vacation, I don’t want to deal with time schedules, rush around on tours, have to dress for dinner every night or listen to hours upon hours of conversation about someone’s kids.