Controlling Your Environment

Have you ever been in a room and someone walks in and everyone perks up and becomes more enthused? We all have an impact on those around us.

It takes less effort to be positive than it does to stay in a disgruntled mood. I believe it’s all in a matter of our belief system and our frame of mind.

I enjoy walking into a meeting that appears to be quiet or the attendees are bored. I challenge myself to turn it around. I’ll compliment someone, ask a question that will instigate a group conversation, begin introducing people, even when I don’t know them or think of someway to stimulate activity. Invariably everyone walks away with a better attitude.

I can’t remember the last time I was bored, whether I’ve been alone or with a group. No matter where I show up, there is something to learn or someone that I meet who will make an impact on my life.

The American Native Indians believe that “for every action, there is a reaction.” I believe it is a personal responsibility to create a positive atmosphere wherever we are, but especially when we are in a business environment.