Tasks Lists

Whenever possible, schedule times during the week to be out doing presentations. Specific days and times mean that you’ll be able to organize your presentations, so you can minimize the time you spend away from your office and the extra travel time.

Active marketing includes approach calls, developing Power Partner relationships with those who share the type of clients you are looking for, and attending mixers and professional organizations that will increase your wealth of resources. Make sure you commit to doing at least one marketing related task every day.

I call everyone in my database whose last name starts with an “A” or “B” in January, “C” or “D” in February, so by the end of the year, I’ve managed to clean up my database and often I’ll renew someone’s interest in participating in Elite Leads.

Be sure to leave enough room in your schedule to return calls the same day they come in. It is important that you are known as being reliable and accountable.

I began to use a quality control questionnaire about a year ago. The responses have taught me a great deal about how the new members view my organization. It has also given me valuable insights on how I can continually look at improving my business. Keep up to date with your clients by developing your own quality control program.

Always follow up with new clients within a week so you’re able to establish whether or not the sale has gone smoothly. See if there are any questions left unanswered.

Schedule educational programs that will give you a competitive edge. You can’t afford to let your competition become aware of new techniques when you don’t.

Also create a time to speak about your industry. It is the most rapid method of gaining visibility and notoriety. Book your speaking engagements until you have yourself scheduled for at least two or three months in advance.