Task List

Creating Your Task List

First, list the daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to do to operate your business successfully. Be sure you plug in time for each item on your calendar. Leave room for appointments to be added as needed.

Before you place any task on your calendar, consider when it’s most efficiently accomplished. For example, my approach calls are typically best placed during the afternoon on Mondays and in the mornings the rest of the week, but that may not be true for you. If you track your response rate to approach calls and note the time you place them, you’ll soon discover there are times when you’ll reach more potential clients in their offices, rather than reaching their voice mail.

What tasks must be done during working hours versus those that you can do before or after hours? Most marketing calls (at least the ones in your time zone) must be done during business hours. Other tasks can easily be accomplished after your typical working hours.

Some examples include when you can return correspondence, prepare proposals, compile your month-end reports, write thank you notes, attend mixers, create invoices, enter payments, write and practice your introductions and run your month-end reports.