I also keep a calendar on the wall to my right. Anytime I make a commitment to speak or to go to an event, even if it’s personal, I enter it immediately on the calendar.

If I have tickets to the theater, I paper clip them to the calendar at the date of the play. If I’m booking a engagement, I’ll attach the letter, especially if it includes the address, times and other pertinent detail to the bottom of the calendar.

I even make sure I have my Power Partner coffee meeting posted on my calendar and that will serve as a reminder to call and confirm our appointment. The simple act of confirming eliminates the frustration of showing up for a meeting and having the other person missing in action.

I know a lot of people have gone electronic, but I still feel having a visual version of my schedule is important. At one glance I am able to see if my days are filled or if I have an opening in my schedule.