Create a Calendar

I had to develop an efficient calendar system so I could run fifteen leads groups by myself, and do all the marketing, paperwork and everything else it took to make Elite Leads a viable business. Some of the chambers in the area have two to five employees to manage the same number of members! My process minimizes the time it takes while it maximized the effort I put into my business, affording me a way to reduce the number of hours spent running it, especially on repetitive tasks.

The calendar is designed to plug in the various events I have to do each much for my business, such as show up to run a leads group. Those times are not flexible.

Then I added the mixers I I wanted to attend each month and I always choose to attend trade shows over a regular stand up mixer since the attendance would usually be greater, different entrepreneurs would show up than at regular mixers and I would have a chance to meet people who were willing to spend their money on marketing their businesses.

Before I used this process, I worked 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. Looking back, I worked this hard only because I wasn’t organized enough or motivated to work fewer hours.

Other activities I would add might be my speaking engagements, attending training programs such as Brian Tracy’s sales program and visiting organizations where I thought I’d find an abundance of entrepreneurs such as association functions.

Because creating and using a calendar is so important to your efficiency, Chapter 10, “The Time of Your Life,” is devoted to this subject.