Remember the Kudos!

Thank everyone who gives you a lead. Jeff Rubin, of Put-in-Writing says, “Thank them three times!” First when you receive the lead, after you’ve contacted the lead, thank them again, either on the phone or by email and again after the lead converts to actual business. Thank them with a handwritten note and a gift that reflects the volume or financial remuneration to your business.

If the lead becomes a particularly lucrative client, please remember to acknowledge your benefactor with a gift that is equivalent to the amount of business that you have conducted. The general rule is between ten and fifteen percent of the initial transaction. However, it is not limited to money or gifts. Referrals work just as well. When you put yourself in the other person’s position, it’s easier to understand why thanking them is such a great idea. Have you ever given someone information that was extremely beneficial to them and they never mention it again?

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what ever happened to the information?