Getting What You Want

If you don’t feel like you’re receiving adequate leads, you might want to review your presentation. We have a tendency to be so close to what we say that we don’t hear what others do. Ask other members what they understand about you and your business and you’ll discover what others hear you say. After you listen to your words from their perspective, you’re find it easier to trade vagueness or industry jargon (which will be lost on them) for words that will purposely state your requirements.

The quality of leads you receive is directly related to the quality the members perceive in you. Take the initiative to meet with everyone in your groups to clarify exactly what and who you are looking for in a lead.

Don’t forget to ask for leads. That’s a Leadicious Rule (The List, Chapter 18). People aren’t mind readers. They won’t know what to give you if you don’t tell them.