Leads Groups

Legendary Leads Groups
When you’re ready to obtain rapid results in marketing your business, join a leads group. It’s the most affordable method of developing visibility for your business regardless of what the business is.
At a leads group, you’ll meet the most active and professional people in your community. Like savvy members of the Chamber of Commerce and professional organizations, leads group members will know who is relocating, expanding, downsizing and who is being promoted or demoted. There are four additional benefits to leads groups:
• The primary purpose of the group is lead generation for all members;
• Leads groups generally have fewer than 30 members. They get to know each other well enough to generate the best possible leads for each other;
• Great care is taken not to include any of your competitors within a specific group.
• The agenda will likely allow time for announcements, distributing flyers for upcoming events or asking for specific needs.