When you meet, thank them for making time for you in their busy schedule. Make sure they know you appreciate the effort.
Don’t be afraid to ask who they know who might be helpful for you. In all the years I’ve been conducting my business, I have never been turned down by anyone who I’ve asked for help. I once heard that by asking for help we’re actually offering someone an opportunity to enjoy being useful. Most people have more of a need to give help (and be acknowledged for it) than to receive help.
If the meeting was particularly useful and you’d like to further your relationship, suggest another meeting or a telephone call at a specific time. It’s too easy to let it slide if you don’t treat this concept as a committed business relationship. It is also beneficial to you both, to call at the time a potential lead or future Power Partner becomes known to either of you.
It is important to develop ways of being remembered. The more qualified Power Partners are, the easier it will be to keep them consistently referring you business.