Leads Groups

There are many different types of leads groups. Some are without leaders, gatherings over a meal at a more or less regular time. Some informal groups meet effectively for years; others don’t make it past the first few meetings.
Many successful groups are franchises of national organizations run by a member who gets free or reduced- priced membership for handling administrative tasks for the group. Still others may be sponsored by a nonprofit organization (particularly the Chamber of Commerce)or privately owned like Elite Leads Business Development.
Though format differs, most leads groups offer at least a brief time for each member to introduce him or herself and state specific needs. There may be a 5-10 minute presentation by one or more members, so eventually the whole group gets to know each one’s business details. Members share leads with each other, usually by writing them on printed forms with a copy retained by the facilitator.
Leads may be announced and probably will be tallied. Occasionally at the meeting, members report on leads that were especially useful to them. This acknowledgment of success is an important component of the group’s support and motivation.