Leads Groups

Leads groups that are part of national or international leads organizations benefit not only from a network of contacts in other chapters but also the opportunity to visit those chapters when business takes them temporarily into another city.
Elite Leads is unusual in that the facilitator of the meetings owns the business full-time and has no other job. Each owner is constantly networking and helping members become better connected in the business community.
At the beginning of all Elite Leads meetings, the facilitator informs members of particularly useful upcoming events. A notebook filled with further information on events and other resources is passed around the table to allow the members further details about functions that might interest them. Between meetings, the facilitator may pass leads to members or encourage them to connect with each other. It is not just a social gathering.
Elite Leads is also unusual in that meetings take place in conference rooms, not restaurants. No food is served, so the focus is strictly on creating leads and helpful resources.
Many people belong to several leads groups. Their reasons for joining include connecting with other professionals, breaking the isolation many entrepreneurs feel when they spend too much time alone, keeping up to date with community events, having more people refer them business and a desire to help others. And, of course, increasing the number and quality of business leads received.