The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff
A great way to discover leads groups is by asking your friends and associates. If they invite you to a meeting, you can ask why they joined and what you can expect from attending. Other leads groups can be found by calling your local Chamber of Commerce or checking the business listings in your local business journals. Also, check the list section of this book for further information.
Before you attend a leads group, ask questions and compare the answers with your personal needs. What types of businesses are represented in the group? How many people attend? Is food served or not? Does the group start and end on time? What rules govern it, and are these rules stringently or loosely applied? What is the typical group format? How many leads are regularly shared? How long are the meetings?
A lot depends on your industry. If you sell to larger corporations, finding a solid leads group is not as easy. Most leads groups have a mixture of members who provide soft services (massage therapists, chiropractors, house cleaning services, etc.). They also attract a number of representatives of multilevel marketing companies.
When you do accept an invitation to attend a leads group, go with an open mind. Always practice giving more than you’ll receive. It truly is magic what happens when you adopt that frame of mind.
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