Making Contact

This is a good time to ask if they’ve heard about the Power Partner concept. Let them know that whatever their industry, other industries are doing business with clients they will want to meet as a prospect. By sharing information about which companies are moving, expanding, downsizing or making any changes, each person can drastically increase the amount of business they are able to conduct.
Become comfortable with the potential Power Partners for each industry. The better they develop Power Partner relationships, the less time they will spend chasing business and more time conducting business.
Often I’ve asked a mortgage broker, “Would you mind if I call you next week with the name of a realtor that I know? I’m sure they’d enjoy meeting you.” If you make a promise like this, be sincere and remember to always do what you promised.
When you’re talking with a person, always stay focused on them and listen carefully to what they say. This one courtesy will make people more appreciative of you. The late Dale Carnegie discovered that when people listened carefully, others thought the one who listened actually had something fascinating to say. Conversely, those who aim to be interesting often aren’t so considered. When you are interested in others rather than attempting to be interesting, you’ll find you more effectively make contacts.