Love the One You’re With

Pay attention! Do not let your eyes wander while someone is trying to talk with you. In my opinion it’s embarrassing when someone asks a question, and the other person’s eyes are darting all over the room. This is interpreted that they’re looking to see who might be more important than who they are talking with.
When you accept a business card, really look at it. What does the card tell you about the person? Notice the paper and the colors they choose. Comment on something interesting or unique about the card. Don’t just shove it in your pocket. It shows respect for the card, and the person who gave it to you, by handling the card as though you believe it is very special — which it is!
Get in the habit of putting their business card in your left pocket and keeping yours in your right pocket. This way you won’t frustrate others by making them wait while you sort through a pile of cards, looking to find one of your own, making sure that it doesn’t have notes written on the back. This will prevent accidentally giving away someone else’s card as well, which is easy to do when you’re nervous or distracted.
Always ask whom they might know as a Power Partner for you. Ask if you may call at a later date to give them information concerning names and numbers of contacts you believe will be helpful for them.