Stepping up Your Game

Simply select one or two people who meet your basic Power Partner criteria. Ask if they’re willing to meet with you regularly. Until you’re both satisfied with the relationship, meet two or three times to get to develop a strong rapport. Then decide how often you’d like to exchange leads and information. Make a firm commitment to respond with them once a week or as pertinent information arises.
When possible, power up your referrals from “Joe, I think you should call Mary in Human Resources at this firm I’ve been talking with” to something more personal. Take the extra step of telling Mary about Joe and suggesting a Nutopian meeting which is where you’ll actually introduce Mary and Joe in person.
Soon you will realize that your business is solid and you no longer have to struggle to find new clients.
Imagine yourself one year from now when everyone is calling you. They’re giving you information about new companies or about events where you know you can meet some great potential clients.
Everywhere you go, you run into a Power Partner. Your business is doing better than you ever imagined. You manage to take time off every month to spend with your family. You’ve taken up a new hobby. You even have time to read all those trade publications that you used to stack up in the corner. Everything you do turns out well. You’re always in a good mood and even lousy traffic can’t diminish you positive attitude.
When you stop and think about it, you can’t remember the last time you had a bad day. You even have a great savings account going and a sizeable portfolio to cover your retirement and the kids education.
And one day you catch yourself thinking back. It all started with that one Power Partner, that one relationship that began your avalance of referrals.

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