Attending Events

Before leaving for the event, refer to the Lists section on attending events to verify you have everything you need. No matter how many times I attend the same event, I refer to the list. It’s so much more comforting to know I haven’t forgotten anything.
Mentally review your goals. Why are you going to the event? How many people do you want to meet? What specific industries or companies do you want to meet?
Check your attitude. If you’re not as positive and as energetic as you should be, use the Aikido technique mentioned before.
When you check in to the event, put your name badge on your right shoulder. Then it will be in the direct line of view when you are shaking hands. This keeps others from having to be obvious about not remembering your name by looking to your left shoulder.
Take a deep breath and walk into the room as though you own it. I found that if I adopt the attitude that it’s my private party (but I don’t have to do the cleanup!), I am much more comfortable walking up to people I don’t know. After all, if it truly were my party, I wouldn’t hesitate to make sure I welcomed everyone there and go out of my way to make sure they’re comfortable.