Increasing the Stakes

Basic Power Partners will generate a great amount of referrals. Working with these individuals is powerful when you are request specific client profiles rather than being vague. The more Power Partners you know, the easier it is for others to help you.
Put yourself in the position of someone from whom you want leads. It is frustrating to be with someone you’re willing to help when you feel you have nothing to offer. Does that feeling of frustration soon turn to a feeling that you’re being pressured? Do you ever feel resentful?
Now imagine they tell you who their Power Partners are and ask if you know anyone who’s in these categories. If you’re like most business people I know, your frustration of “whom can I possibly refer to this person?” will quickly turn into the satisfaction of “I know someone in the category you requested and I’ll be glad to share those names with you!”
After you successfully utilize the Power Partner concept, you will want to develop a more dedicated relationship known as a Preferred Power Partner. It became an additional feature at Elite Leads feature in 1999.

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