Involving Power Partners

Property and casualty insurance agents, janitorial service, graphic designer, printers, sign makers and internet service providers are all be involved during the initial stages of a company start-up.

After the company is settled into their new space, they will want to have an open house, announce their new headquarters and let their clients and vendors know about the move. They will need the services of events planners, caterers, and public relations specialists.
When a company is expanding they require printers, office and telecommunications equipment and supplies, furniture, training specialists and personnel agencies that will easily find them qualified candidates for their new positions.
The possibilities are great, but rather than overwhelm you with an ever-expanding list of potential Power Partners. Here is a review the basic principles to help you identify who your Power Partners are:
• Every business that assists your client base without competing with you is a potential Power Partner.
• Whatever your business, you share the same clients with many other businesses.
• To stimulate your thinking about how many Power Partners might be useful to you, review the Power Partners list.
• Use the Power Partners list not to limit your own list of potential Power Partners but to stimulate it.
• Tell your friends and members of your lead group who your Power Partners are. Ask for introductions to these specific industries from these groups.

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