First Impressions

Networking involves many aspect of professional etiquette. Often forgotten when we succumb to the pressures of difficult time schedules. Yet, taking the time to contemplate your professional status, we must strive to build long-lasting professional relationships. It is important that we keep in mind, the basis courtesies associated with an excellence in business:

  • Return phone calls the same day
  • Leave details when requesting information through voice mail. Keep your messages short (30 sec.)
  • Speak slowly when leaving messages
  • Always leave your phone number
  • Confirm appointments the day before
  • Always strive to be early
  • Let appointments know when  you’re running late
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated

It only takes one time to make a first impression, but according to the National Association of Professional Image Consultants, it takes 17 times to change someone’s mind if it wasn’t the right impression the first time.

Strive to leave the best first impression every time. Take the time to think through your image, website, phone message and everything which will lead a prospect to jump to the wrong conclusion if it’s not the one you intended.

Be sure to re-evaluate your image periodically to keep up-to-date with trends and technology.

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