You should have a blog by now, but if not, you’ll want to use the WordPress program by installing it on a dedicated website through your cpanel (control panel). I converted 28 of my websites so the home page is a WordPress blog. Using WordPress raises the rankings of the website drastically because of the built in SEO (search engine optimization) functions and the variety of Widgets and Plugins which are available.
Installing WordPress is fairly easy, but if you find it too challenging, ask your webhost to help you through the process. Most are very helpful and if they aren’t, get a new webhost.
Once you have installed WordPress, you’ll need to create a User name and Password which is typically done by you as you’re installing WordPress.
I would suggest choosing a theme first and unless you’re adept at website management, choose a standard one that is offered rather than uploading a custom blog theme. You can always change the theme later. But I suggest is to select a two-column format with a light background. I’ve seen quite a few blogs with very dark themes and I believe they distract from the reader’s ability to absorb the content.
One recommendation I emphasize in choosing is to make sure you can customize the banner. If not immediately, you’ll eventually want your own banner designed and installed. Again if this goes beyond your scope of skills, you can go to and have someone do it for you for under $50.

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