Tried and True

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

For the past 18 1/2 years I’ve been guiding entrepreneurs to learn how to gain more visibility, increase their client base, increase their profitability and work fewer hours.

The stories I’ve accumulated over this length of time are truly inspiring. What I taught in 1991 to my Elite Leads members is still relevant today.

Most entrepreneurs are so busy being busy they never develop a marketing program. They survive one week at a time. They get through each year doing the same exact things whether they work or not. They don’t keep track of their profitability or the time they spend on running their businesses.

What I have found and include specifics in my book is to teach the 7 Techniques to Thrive in any Economy. When an entrepreneur does all 7, the business is on auto pilot.

How many are you doing?

  • Speaking
  • Writing for magazines, ezines, trade journals, etc.
  • Improving sales skills
  • Developing Power Partner Relationships
  • Spend 35% of time marketing
  • Create at least 25% of business by referral
  • Attend at least one new business event each month

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