Power Partners

About 15 years ago I came up with the term Power Partners. It was instigated by a member of my Elite Leads organization when we were talking about different methods to inspire members to create better relationships with other business associates.

At first it seemed just a simple exercise. I met with four members every Friday morning and we all brought the business cards we had collected since the previous month. I would typically walk away with about 80 new contacts from four people each week. I would be able to call the 80 names from the cards during the next week, talk with an average of 40 and 20 said they were interested in attending one of the meetings. About 10 would actually show up and five would join within 60 days.

That was the first time I ever saw the correlation between dials and income ratio. I had an actual number that was consistent regardless of the time of the year or what the economy was.

I was amazed how accurate and consistent the numbers were.

Then I began to tell others to keep track of their numbers and sure enough each person would have their own numbers regardless of their industry.

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