I decided to update my book by adding four new chapters. There’s been so many new advances in marketing since I printed the book ten years ago.

I want to add a chapter on Social Media and teach others how to use the medium to gain a lot of resources globally and broaden their client base.

Another chapter I want to add is on Speaking in the business community. It is the fastest way for entrepreneurs to gain visibility and beome well known for their industry.

Then learning how to use innovative sales skills helps entrepreneurs increase their sales while reducing their ratios. When one of my members, Warren Boschin started Elite Leads in 1996, he was closing one in eight prospects. After taking my sales training he has consistently closed two out of ever three prospects. It’s one way entrepreneurs can control their income.

One of the other courses I created was to get my entrepreneurs to write and get published in newspapers, magazines, trade journals and online ezines. When entrepreneurs do that, their client base broadens drastically.

Another chapter is going to be on blogging. I have never been as impressed with a tool for entrepreneurs as I have with the use of blogging. It gives each entrepreneur a global reach while merely sharing their opinions.

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