Sales Training

One of the things that makes a great entrepreneur is to continue their education. One of the best traits to improve is a their sales skills.

One of greatest methods to improve your skills is study the personality types. It takes very little time to recognize what type of personalities each person is. If you could look at someone and know how to talk with them.

Driver personalities are appreciative when someone gets to the point quickly. They want to get to the bottom line. Never ever bore them with the details. You’ll likely loose the deal with them if you do.

Expressive personalities are more likely to be in positions where they are on stage, such as a professional speaker, trainer, author or even a public relations expert.

Analyticals are typically computer experts, CPA’s and those who have to be logical. They are always interested in more details. They never finish their research and are very difficult to get to make a decision.

Amiable personalities are the ones who want everyone to be happy. They won’t make a decision if they believe someone will be unhappy with their decision. So the only way to get them to make a decision is to point out how unhappy others will be if they don’t make a decision.

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