Show Time

It’s Show Time

Arrive early. Allow at least an hour to set up your booth and an extra half-hour for unexpected traffic along the way. The one thing you want to avoid is showing up overly stressed. When you allow more than enough time, you can avoid feeling pressured.

Take a few minutes to walk around the trade show floor. Make mental notes about what you like or don’t like at other booths. Conduct an image check. Is your hair neat, tie straight, dress and skirt seams aligned, shoes polished? Make sure if you’re hungry that you grab a quick bite to eat. I do not believe it is appropriate to eat or drink anything while you’re in your booth.

Almost everyone I know skips a meal now and then. When you’re going to be at a tradeshow, standing on your feet for two to six hours is not the time to do so. If nothing else, for a quick energy boost, have a health bar that is loaded with protein handy.

Most people find it difficult to start conversations, so be sure you have your list of conversation starters related to your business. “What business are you in? … How long have you been in business? … Have you ever thought about you/your product/service? … What product/service are you currently using?”