Avoiding the Pitfalls

No one likes to feel uncomfortable. When people feel uncomfortable, they tend to seek out their comfort zones, like only talking to people they already know. This is not the behavior you want to encourage from trade show attendees!

If a person is sitting down and they talk with someone who is standing, the person standing often feels uncomfortable. It also will appear that the seated person doesn’t think the other person is important enough to bother standing up.

You can help attendees feel more comfortable and important with two simple actions. First, have the chairs removed from your booth. Next, push the table to the back of the area so you are able to stand closer to your visitors.

This will also give you more room to bring people into your booth. If all these tactics work so well that you attract a large crowd, pick up the bowl for business cards and ask the people who can’t get into your booth to deposit their cards so you can make sure you will be able to talk with them after the trade show.