Tool Box

The Tool Box

I carry a loaded toolbox to every trade show and have been grateful many times just to have all the resources available. Some of the items that I include are:

      • Adhesive Tape
      • Balloons
      • Brochure racks
      • Camera
      • Cash box
      • Clear packing tape and Scotch tape
      • Cleaning rag
      • Clip board
      • Credit card forms
      • Extension cord
      • Hammer
      • Handiwipes
      • Needle and thread
      • Paper clips
      • Pens, pencils and felt tip markers
      • Receipt book
      • Rubber bands
      • Safety pins
      • Scissors and Exacto knife
      • Shoe buffer
      • Spring clips
      • String
      • Stapler
      • Velcro

I also have small white chipboard for last minute signs and copies of my books, newsletters and a flyer with a special time sensitive offer.

You never know when one of these items will save the day! One trade show where I exhibited was set about 50 yards off the street. The event planner had forgotten to have signs on the street, but I made some from white chipboard on which I wrote the words “Trade Show.” I attached several balloons and tied the sign to a tree. Most people said that they never would have found us if it hadn’t been for the balloons.

Even if I don’t need any of the items from the toolbox, the show always goes better because I know I am prepared. In fact, most of the time someone else needs the items, which is an instant generator of good will. I’ve gotten to be known for how prepared I am. That’s a great feeling to have!