Extra Color

Most vendors enliven their booths with either balloons or fresh flowers. This attracts people to the booth and will often cause people to stop and comment. You can also opt for a live plant and use it to give away for your raffle prize.

One of the most memorable booths I’ve ever seen was by a balloon company in Castro Valley that created a tropical island display completely made out of balloons. The exhibitors were judged for the show, and of course they won! Another company’s booth was made from multi-colored PCV piping. Painted in bright colors and put together in unusual angles, it was very impressive.

Think about what it would take to make you curious enough to want to stop and talk with a vendor, if you were to look at a booth for the first time. Let your imagination guide you in designing an attractive booth. Design it with your particular style to match your logo. Don’t hesitate to create something that will be different than anyone else’s booth. Make it inviting and easy for the traffic to approach you.