It’s Your Community

A multitude of surprising benefits awaits when you become involved in your community. Civic pride is one of the greatest and most honorable, but there are more.

Every day, decisions are made about how you can or cannot conduct your business, even in your own home. Attorneys or retirees who have time to devote to their community make most decisions. Do they have the same driving issues that you do? Absolutely not!

If you and every other entrepreneur were involved in your chamber of commerce, city council events and county business development forums, you would be able to have a fair say in the governmental structure and actions that affect you. Most city council members are elected. Find out what they stand for. What is their experience? Do they currently have a business? Are they of the “no growth” policy or will they advocate keeping up with the economic revolution? How available and responsive are they to key concerns of the business community? Do they take an active interest in small businesses?