Make it Easy

Every time you discover something that will make your business run smoother, do it. It’s the little things that have a tendency to wear us out, or make life a lot easier.

Invest in a headset. Most cordless phones have headset plug-ins and are under $60. You’ll save your neck from being stressed and leave both hands free to type.

My sister-in-law Jeanne points out that your chair “has to be ergonomic.” That means that with your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a slight downhill angle. Use the chair’s armrests to reduce the stress of holding your arms up. Since you’ll probably spend about four hours a day in it, the chair needs to be comfortable and support your back well. Invest in a wrist pad to bring your wrist to nearly the same height of the keyboard and reduce the stress placed on your wrists. It’s also recommended that you buy a footstool. If your feet are slightly elevated, you have much less stress on your lower back. You won’t walk away quite so fatigued after spending all day on the computer.

Don’t get so fascinated and expert with organizing that you never quite get to the business at hand! Reevaluate your system a couple of times a year.

If you were to save five minutes a day through reorganizing one area of your business, it would add up to 21 hours in one year. That’s an extra half-week!