Getting Rid of Clutter

Clean off your desk before you end your day. You will cetainly feel much better when returning to your desk knowing that it’s neat and clean. I love multi-tasking. I have a second drawer dedicated to stuff I have to follow-up on sometime, but not necessarily immediately. When I make my reminder calls on Monday, I go through everything in the drawer and focus on getting it emptied.

Try to avoid having sticky notes all over your desk. If nothing else, create a separate file folder for them. Another great tip from Eve Abbott is to tear out articles from magazines that interest you. Then file them or keep them in binders for your future reference.

Keep a recipe box for the leads that you receive. Create separate sections for those that need more information, those that are complete and ones that need follow-up.

Sometimes chaos is order. On Monday mornings my floor is an utter disaster! I stack things to the right and to the left. These are things that have to be filed in their appropriate place, but rather than get up each time to file them, I wait until the end of the day and file them all at once.