Keep track of your office products by creating an inventory list in Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet. I track when and where to buy each item and how much it costs. This makes it easy to do price comparisons. If you have a list, you’ll know when you need to reorder and also when to buy when because prices are better.

I review the inventory list at the first of the month. Some of my supplies, especially the printing, might take as long as two to three weeks to receive after ordering items. By reviewing the list, I can avoid major headaches caused by running short of supplies.

I have found most of the office products I use available on at a fraction of the costs. As an example, I use Glossy CD Labels and they are $20 for 40 labels at the office supply stores. I order 200 Glossy labels for $20 and the shipping is usually free.

Printing is one of the higher expenses in running my business and I have found resources such as which will print 1,000 high gloss, 2 sided, 4 color business cards for $20. Those same cards costs me $750 in 1993.

So shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money!