Making an Impression

“No, I’m not!” I answered.

“Then why did you give me Brad’s card?”

“I thought you’d like to give Brad a call to make an appointment with him. He works with people to help them with their presentations.”

“I know how to do presentations!” Sammy objected.

“Maybe so, but you don’t know when to do them.” I smiled and walked away.

Several months later, Sammy called. After clearing his throat several times, he said, “I just called to thank you for introducing me to Brad.”

“Great, that means you’ve worked with him?”

“Yes, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the difference it’s made in my business.”

“What kind of difference?” I wanted to know.

“I never understood why people avoided me. I thought everyone tried to promote their business at mixers,” Sammy confessed.

“You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know any better!” I offered.

I had to admire Sammy for listening and following through. Today he operates his own successful insurance company. He told me a few months ago how much more he enjoys the events he attends.