Unique Leads

The fourth and best lead is the Nutopian Lead, in which you introduce a contact and a member of the leads group in person. A member of Elite introduced the Nutopian Lead to Elite Leads in 1995. He was the first one to put this into effect when he personally took one of the members with him to meet his client for coffee.
Many groups don’t allow guests to exchange leads. Elite Leads freely offers leads to guests. This makes them feel included more rapidly. It also encourages them to reciprocate.
Before you give a lead, observe how people interact with others in the group and affirm that they conduct themselves well before turning over specifically valuable leads or Power Partners. Often I will provide a lead without the phone number, just to test the recipient’s follow-through. If they don’t call for the number, I will not give them this highly valued lead or contact. Though I might know a company that requires their expertise, I don’t want to waste the contact on someone who does not bother to follow up on leads, and I don’t want to abuse the source of the lead.
When you give a lead, always clarify whether the other member is free to use your name or if the lead source needs to be anonymous. If you don’t know this information about a lead that was given to you, ask for it.